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Statewide Urgent After-hour Courier Delivery for Christmas in Melbourne

Imagine being one of Australians top iconic departmental stores with over 45 stores across Australia. Your website...

Imagine being one of Australians top iconic departmental stores with over 45 stores across Australia. Your website manager forgets to turn off guaranteed delivery before Christmas on the 20th of December to allow sufficient time for delivery of urgent shipments around Victoria. Your fulfilment team realises this less than two days before Christmas and there is a crazy frenzy to organise delivery. With over 36 shipments to be delivered across Victoria before Christmas day, there is no other alternative than Holiday Couriers – The After-Hour Courier Specialist delivering mission-critical after-hour couriers. 

A frantic phone call from their operation manager to our after-hour hotline 1300657894 set off a chain reaction to ensure we can deliver 36 shipments with addresses all over the state of Victoria in less than 48 hours before Christmas eve. With meticulous planning, stacking of odd-shaped items in our delivery vehicles and an abundance of coffee and snacks stocked up in our delivery vehicles, we were able to despatch our after-hour courier vehicles from the Melbourne depot in less than 30 minutes. 

At their warehouse, we loaded odd-shaped items first and then the standard delivery boxes to ensure there is not much movement in our after-hour courier vehicles from Melbourne to regional Victoria. All items were marked with the receiver address. Holiday Couriers, on their part, popped a box of chocolates, to deliver Christmas cheer to the receivers. One after-hour courier vehicle from Melbourne to regional victoria drove clockwise from Melbourne and the other two vehicles drove anti-clockwise. This was purposely done to ensure the drivers can interchange vehicles and accommodate for any breakdowns and time-critical issues within the quickest possible timeframe. With an update to date insurance and roadside assistance from RACV, we were prepared for the roads to deliver all our after-hour couriers across Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

Our first vehicle that travelled clockwise did a run from Melbourne to Geelong then to Warrnambool to Portland and then to Horsham, Mildura and finally Shepparton before returning to Melbourne on Christmas Day at 10 am. 3 drivers took turns driving this crazy distance of over 1500kms and over 30 hours of driving.  

The second vehicle travelled anti-clockwise from Melbourne and covered Phillip Island, Venus Bay, Yarram, Sale, Bairnsdale, and Orbost then returned to Melbourne. This was over 500kms and took a little over 14 hours to deliver urgent after-hour courier packages from Melbourne to regional Victoria. 

The third vehicle covered Central Victoria doing Mansfield, Benalla, Wangaratta, Falls Creek and Wodonga and their final stop was Cobram before returning to Melbourne covering over 900kms over a 25-hour journey. 

We delivered most of the packages in the dead of night with a small note to the receiver letting them know that it was Holiday Couriers – The after-hour Courier Specialist delivering their package. We anticipated phone calls asking why it was delivered so late in the night. To our delight, we received text messages thanking us for delivering their urgent after-hour couriers from Melbourne to regional victoria just in time for Christmas. A total travel distance of over 3000kms with 70hours of travel time delivered in less than 48 hours using 3 state-of-the-art delivery vehicles specially fitted for long-distance after-hour couriers from Melbourne to regional Victoria. 

Back at base, after Christmas Day, it was business as usual for Boxing Day when we delivered surgical equipment from Melbourne to Sydney for heart surgery. We will cover this in our next article which was again a time-bound mission-critical delivery where there was ‘life at stake’ literally. 

To discuss your next urgent after-hour courier from Melbourne to any other regional city in Victoria or a metropolitan city like Sydney Brisbane or Perth, please reach out to our bot & IVR free, real human based Australian call centre on 1300657894.

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